August 2021

European Aerosol Conference Newsletter

August 2021

See below for the latest updates for the upcoming European Aerosol Conference, held virtually from 30 August to 3 September 2021. In addition to the monthly newsletter, you can find the latest news on our twitter page or website. Please share this newsletter and links to our social media pages with your network and community so we can have a vibrant and diverse forum!

Only One Week Until EAC2021!

We hope you are looking forward to the European Aerosol Conference, beginning on Monday, 30 August at 8:45 BST. Be sure to check out the full programme on our website, or use the Schedule tool on Hopin to add session reminders directly to your personal calendar. Presenters can find useful information at the bottom of this email or on our website under the Hopin tab.

A reminder that all presenters must also register in order to have access to the conference. There is no registration deadline for anyone wishing to attend only, but please note there is a delay of up to 48 hours after registration is completed before an email is sent with an access link to the virtual venue.

Thank you to everyone who has already registered – be sure to pay your registration fee if you haven’t done so already.

TSI is looking forward to meeting you at EAC 2021

TSI products contribute to all aspects of aerosol and particle science. Whether it is counting, sizing, generating, sampling or mass measurements, we are happy to help. TSI solutions generate critical data for environmental studies, aerosol and nanoparticle research, fluid mechanics research, multiphase flow measurement, spray diagnostics, combustion research, and more.

We warmly invite you to meet us at our virtual booth.

Exclusively for EAC participants

Introducing a Comprehensive Ultrafine Particle Monitoring Solution

Ambient air monitoring of ultrafine particles is a complex task. The introduction of CEN/TS 16976/17434 is an important step to harmonize these measurements. We are excited to launch our fully CEN-compliant solution that covers everything from sampling of ultrafine particles, over measurement of number concentration and number size distribution to data processing and handling.
Join us on Monday, August 30, 4:30-5:15 PM.


Stop by TSI’s virtual booths and enter for a chance to win a TSI Flow Meter 5300-1

The winner will be drawn on Thursday, Sep 2.


Poster: “Applicability of a new Water-CPC for Ambient Monitoring in Comparison to a Butanol-CPC”
A. J.  Tiwari, T. Tritscher, S.H. Schmitt, J. Scheckman, J. Spielvogel, A. F. Zerrath
Time: 10:10-11:10 am

Poster: “Droplet visualization and characterization using combined nonintrusive optical diagnostics and aerosol sampling techniques”
A. Koched, M. Hyde, C. Kykal, T. Tritscher, W. Lai, T. Krinke and O. F. Bischof
Time: 2:10-3:10 pm

Poster: “Investigation of aerosol emission from multiple indoor sources”
A. Koched, T. Tritscher, S. H. Schmitt, T. Krinke and O. F. Bischof
Time: 2:10-3:10 pm

Poster: “Harmonization of UFP Measurements: Characterization of Primary Components of an Inlet Sampling System”
T. Tritscher, J. Scheckman, S.H. Schmitt, A. Zerrath, J. Spielvogel, T. Krinke and O.F. Bischof
Time: 10:10-11:10 am

Young Investigator Network Event
TSI sponsors this event of EAC 2021 which is aimed at early career scientists and doctoral students. More info here.
Time: 5:00 pm

Presentation: “Harmonization of UFP Measurements: Characterization and Application of a Novel Wide-Range SMPS”
S.H. Schmitt, A. F. Zerrath, T. Tritscher, J. H. Scheckman, A. Koched, J. Spielvogel, T. Krinke and O.F. Bischof
Time: 9:15-9:30 am

TSI as Co-Chair of Plenary Session: “Atmospheric chemistry and physics”
Julia Schmale, Co-Chair: Oliver Bischof (TSI)
Time: 9:15-9:30 am

Please click here to get more information.

Reminder: Young Investigator Network Event at EAC2021

YIN logo
TSI logo

In this year’s Young Investigator Network (YIN) event we would like to put the spotlight on work life balance in academia. The event will start on Tuesday, 31st August, 17:00 BST with an introductory talk by Desiree Dickerson, PhD and continue with small round table discussions and time to network and connect with fellow young scientists (18:00 BST – open end). The event is aimed at early career scientists and doctoral students and the participation is included in the registration fee for the EAC2021 thanks to generous support from TSI. — The GAeF YIN Organisation Team. More details can be found in the programme.


Poster Presentations

Where can I find information on how to upload my poster?

Check out detailed instructions available on the EAC website. You can find additional tips on the Hopin website.
Do I have to use Google slides or YouTube to present?

During your live poster session, you will be able to share your screen with attendees at your booth and can therefore use any format you would like! Google slides and YouTube links can be uploaded to your booth if you would like attendees to be able to see information about your research outside of the scheduled poster session.
When will I receive a link to set up my poster booth?

Links to set up poster booths have been sent so if you haven’t received one yet, check your spam inbox or email us at .
Can I preview my booth?

Unfortunately we do not have the capacity to arrange preview for all poster presenters. However, you can check out your booth at the start of the conference on Monday. We will also have technical staff on hand in the virtual expo centre to address any last minute issues.

Oral Presentations

Where can I find information on how to present a talk at the conference?

Information on how to present in oral sessions can be found on the EAC2021 website.When will I receive a link?

All session chairs and oral presenters can expect a magic link at the end of this week (along with all other registrants). You can set up some profile information ahead of time, but the event will not go live until Monday, 30 Aug at 7:00 BST. There are no special links sent out to chairs and oral presenters – instead, technical assistants in sessions will moderate to grant permissions to share screens and video as and when needed.

Session Chairs

I’m a session chair – do I need any special training in Hopin?

Don’t worry! Technical assistants will be handling all the technical aspects of moderating oral sessions. They will help you share your video when required, we just ask that you moderate questions that come in for the speakers via the Q & A dialogue box during live sessions.

Thank you to our gold and silver sponsors!



Meet with representatives from these companies and many more in our virtual exhibition centre on the Hopin conference platform!

Keep an eye on eye health: While there are many benefits to virtual conferences, we are aware that eye fatigue can affect people looking at computer screens for extended periods of time. We recommend that you take advantage of the frequent breaks built into the programme to rest your eyes or perform simple eye exercises like massaging your eyes, focusing on objects in the distance, and regular blinking to keep your eyes healthy.