Poster Instructions

Please note that you are NOT required to upload materials ahead of your poster session! Set up your booth to act as a live session (Step 4 is ESSENTIAL) and you will be able to screenshare and show video like a typical Zoom or Google Meet environment.

However, if you want attendees to see content outside of your poster session, you can add YouTube or Google Slides links (Step 5 is OPTIONAL) to stream content via Hopin. Alternatively, you can add text and images in the ‘Additional information’ section of your booth.

5 steps to setting up your poster booth

Format: Please skip to STEP 4 and STEP 5 for suggestions on how to present your ‘poster’.

STEP 1: Click on link to ‘Set Up Your Booth’ in the email from . We anticipate sending these emails out in the week beginning 2nd Aug.

STEP 2: You will be taken to the Hopin website in a browser (Chrome or Firefox are preferred). You might be asked to create Hopin account and profile.

STEP 3: You will be taken to the ‘Edit Booth’ page. Start filling in the fields. Pay attention to the image sizes for the logo and background image. It is important that you select an image with the correct ratio as this will be ‘stretched to fit’.

Instructions for each data field are shown in the table below.

Vendor namePlease leave blank – this will be filled in for you
Vendor emailPoster presenter’s email address
Vendor headlinePoster title
LogoA photo of the poster presenter. Recommended: 1080x1080px
Background imageA figure, photo or graphical abstract from your poster/presentation. Recommended: 1500x1000px (3:2 aspect ratio) Minimum size: 1000 x 670px
AboutSuggestion: Keywords from your abstract
TagsPlease leave blank – this will be filled in for you
Content providerChoose ‘Session’. Please see STEP 4.
Select moderatorLeave this blank
Fallback providerPlease see STEP 5.
SocialOptional. Add any of your social media links.
Other – OfferLeave blank
Other – Button textDefault is ‘Register Interest’. You can keep this default or change it to something else, e.g. ‘Get in touch’.
Other – Button ActionWe suggest ‘Register Interest’ as this will send an email to your inbox if an attendee clicks on the button. You can then follow up with them later.
Integrations – Twitter IDOptional. Add a Twitter ID.
Additional informationOptional. This is a free text box where you can add text and images and embed videos. You may wish to copy the text and images from your submitted abstract. This content can be viewed when you’re not in the booth.

STEP 4: The ‘Content Provider’ field is critical. Please select ‘Session’. This will allow you to interact with attendees who enter your booth by sharing your video, audio and screen.

When you are present in the booth, you may share your screen and we recommend the following options for presenting your ‘poster’ (in no particular order):

  • Slides: PowerPoint, PDF, or Google Slides. Note that Google Slides will integrate with ‘Fallback provider’ (see STEP 5). Suggested length of 5 slides, with optional backup slides.
  • OR Poster: A0 poster in ‘Portrait’ (vertical) or ‘Landscape’ (horizontal) format. A0 measures 841mm wide x 1189mm high (in ‘Portrait’). Ensure your text and images are large enough to see on screen. You could use PowerPoint or a PDF viewer and share your screen with attendees. Tip: you can make use of the ‘pointer’ and ‘zoom’ options when displaying your poster in PowerPoint presenter view. You could also use Prezi.

STEP 5: The ‘Fallback provider’ is what attendees will see when they enter your booth and you are not there. Hopin will stream content from other media services, including YouTube, Vimeo and Google Slides. We suggest the following options:

  • Google Slides: You can use this to display a poster or slides. For instructions on how to set your Google Slides file, please see the link below – they must be ‘published to the web’.–7-Expo-Tutorial
  • YouTube: You may choose to record a video of yourself presenting your poster or presentation. The format of the video is up to you, but we’d recommend that the video lasts no more than 2-3 mins. Zoom, Teams, PowerPoint and Prezi all the capability for recording videos of presentations. You will need to upload the video file to your YouTube account and copy the link into the ‘Video ID’ field.   

For more information:

Vendor booth tutorial:–7-Expo-Tutorial

Image dimensions:

Guide on accessing your booth once the conference starts: