Instructions for Oral Presentations

Format: You will present live by sharing a presentation on your screen. You have control over slide changes. You will also share your camera/microphone. You can present using PowerPoint, PDF format or other suitable presentation software.

Videos: Please do not embed videos in your presentation. This will result in very poor-quality video streaming. If you would like to share videos, please upload them to Youtube using a personal account (set the privacy setting to Public/Unlisted) and have your link ready to share with the audience when it’s time to present.

Where?: Your presentation will take place in the ‘Sessions’ area on Hopin and in the virtual room assigned to your conference topic. More details on how to use Hopin below.

When?: Full programme is available here:

Will my talk be recorded?: No, we will not be recording any of the technical sessions.

Will there be a Q&A?: Each talk has been assigned a time slot that includes time for Q&A. Questions will be submitted from the audience using the Q&A function (right-hand side of the screen) and will be fielded by the session chairs.

Do I need to pre-record my presentation?: This is not mandatory, however doing so would insure against any technical issues that may arise on the day of your presentation (e.g. poor internet connection). If you choose to pre-record your talk, please upload your video file to Youtube using a personal account (set the privacy setting to Public/Unlisted) and upload your Youtube link to your submission on Conftool.

System requirements: The latest versions of Chrome of Firefox are strongly recommended. We recommend that you close other non-essential applications during your presentation.

How to enter and use Hopin?

STEP 1: Enter the EAC 2021 event on Hopin using the ‘Login & Join event’ button in the email from The Aerosol Society <>. Screenshot of email shown below.

STEP 2: You will be taken to the Hopin website in a browser (Chrome or Firefox are preferred). You can create a Hopin account and profile, in advance of your presentation.

STEP 3: You will enter into the Reception page, see screenshot below. In advance of your presentation, we suggest you navigate to the Sessions area and familiarise yourself with the layout.

STEP 4: Before the time of the session that you’re presenting in, navigate to the virtual room assigned to your conference topic, see screenshot of Sessions area below. You can use the Chat function (right-hand side of screen) to let the chairs know that you have arrived. In the interest of time, please open your presentation file so that it’s ready to present, and share any Youtube links of videos for your presentation in the Chat. The moderators will assist you in being able to stream the video directly from Youtube during your talk.

STEP 5: Please be ready to come onto the virtual stage a few minutes before the scheduled start time of your presentation. Click ‘Share Audio and Video’. There will be a pop-up window that allows you to test that your camera and microphone are working. Each session is moderated by a technical helper who will then allow you onto the stage so there may be a small delay of a few seconds while your request to share is authorised.

STEP 6: Once on stage, you can use the buttons (see screenshot below) to:

  1. Turn on/off camera
  2. Turn on/off microphone
  3. Share your screen – you can either share you full screen or a window. We suggest that you first put your presentation into presenter mode and then share your full screen.
  4. Adjust audio/video settings

STEP 7: After you finish your presentation, session chairs will ask you questions submitted by attendees using the Q&A function. Once you’re done presenting and responding to questions, please leave the stage by clicking ‘Leave’ in the top right-hand corner (see screenshot above). Clicking this button will not mean that you leave the Session, it will just mean that you will no longer be able to share your camera/microphone.

For more information:

Sessions FAQ:

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